65MDV Plastic One Piece

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Product Overview

Top 10 Mouthpiece! Similar to Bach 7C, Warburton 5MD 


  • Slightly smaller diameter than Bach 5C with similar cup
  • Provides a rich sound and smooth transition between notes
  • Suitable for a wide variety of playing situations, including orchestra, concert band, jazz soloing (not lead) and chamber quintet


  • Inner Diameter: .650 inches measured .04 inches into the cup
  • Outer Diameter: 1.104 inches
  • Cup Depth: MDV (Medium Deep V) cup (similar to a Bach 1 1/2 C or 5C, Warburton MD, regular Schilke, or Yamaha C cup, but with a slightly more V shaped transition into the throat)
  • Produces a large, dark orchestral sound, which is a little darker than the MD
  • Backbore: Comes on an ML (Medium-Large) backbore

Features of Delrin:  

  • Feels softer on the chops with more give than metal - ideal for players with braces
  • Less slippery than silver, allowing more grip
  • Added grip makes delrin mouthpieces feel smaller than their metal counterparts with identical size designation
  • More comfortable to play in cold weather 
  • More responsive than brass, making soft entries more secure 
  • Articulation less crisp with less point at the front of the note compared to brass
  • Darker sound with less core than brass

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