1.5G Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - Delrin

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Product Overview

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Characteristics - The 1.5G is based on a cup similar to a Bach 1-1/2G, but with a wider, more comfortable rim. This mouthpiece has an LS3 shank with a .275 throat. Plastic Wedge trombone mouthpieces are machined from black Delrin with the same profiles and techniques used for making our brass mouthpieces. They sound very similar to the brass models, but are slightly darker. They have more core in the sound than a conventional brass Bach mouthpiece of the same size. Delrin is very easy on the chops and a great choice for those with metal allergies, braces, or the need to play outside in the cold. Delrin is very durable and can withstand much abuse such as being dropped with no ill effects. These have the same money back guarantee as our top of the line brass models.

Note: Some bass trombones, for example some vintage King models, have an extra deep receiver. If your mouthpiece inserts more than 1.25 inches (31 mm) into your leadpipe be sure to select the BT Deep Receiver mouthpiece when ordering bass trombone mouthpieces.

Material - These mouthpieces are made from Delrin plastic. Here are some of its characteristics:


      • Feels softer on the chops because it has more give than metal. This is a great advantage for players with braces.
      • Not as slippery as silver, giving more grip.
      • Added grip makes Delrin mouthpieces feel smaller than their metal counterparts with the same size designation.
      • Not as smooth as metal, so some players may feel slight chop irritation for the first day or two while they adjust.
      • More comfortable to play in cold weather because they feel warm on the chops.
      • Plastic mouthpieces are more responsive than brass, making soft entries more secure.
      • Articulation less crisp with less point at the front of the note compared to brass.
      • Darker sound than brass.
      • Less core in the sound compared to brass.
      • Sounds darker than brass mouthpiece when used with brass or stainless steel backbore.


Acclimatization - Acclimatization time varies, but most players find they have fully adjusted to the new rim shape within a few days. Most players are able to alternate between a Wedge rim and conventional rim, although the vast majority of players will convert all of their mouthpieces to the Wedge design because of its obvious advantages once they have adapted. We do offer discounts to players who need to purchase a number of Wedge mouthpieces for various instruments.